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We export red onions in a variety of sizes. These onions are low in saturated fat, cholesterol and sodium. It is known to lower the risk of heart disease. We procure Thailand Red Onions from well-known agriculturists and framers. The onions are organically cultivated without the use of any harmful pesticides and chemicals. We take 5kg to 50 kg orders. We use mesh and jute bags to pack the onions. Our onions are wholesome, fresh and hygienically packed.

We are topmost Red Onion Exporters from Thailand. We procure Thailand Red Onion from well-known agriculturists and framers that assure our customers of our authenticity. These onions are uniform in size. Our fresh red onions add rich flavour and texture to any cuisine. The quantity and packing is done as per customer specification.

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Specification kibbled/Flakes Minced Chopped Granules Powder
Moisture Content 6% max 5% max 5% max 5% max 5% max
Hot Water Insoluble 20% max 20% max 20% max 20% max 20% max
ASH Content 4% max 4% max 4% max 4% max 4% max
Acid Insoluble ASH 0.5% max 0.5% max 0.5% max 0.5% max 0.5% max
Major Defects 1% max 1% max 1% max 1% max 1% max
Foreign Matter NIL NIL NIL NIL NIL

   T.P.C.    <300,000/GM
   COLIFORMS    <1000/GM
   E.COLI    < 10/GM
   MOLDS & YEASTS    <1000/G
   STAPH.AUREUS    <100/G
   B.CEREUS    <100/G
   SALMONELLA    Absent/25 g
   PROCESSING METHOD    Mature, fresh white onions are washed, trimmed out and
dehydrated by passing Hot Air Closed continuous System.
   COLOUR :     White
TASTE     :     Typical of fresh white onions
AROMA   :     Typical of fresh white onions

– Specifications (Unsterilized material)
– Specifications ETO Treated Material
– Specifications Gamma Radiation Treated Material


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